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a giant corporation taking over all the books

your words are our hostage

built a blimp to save all the books
19 March
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The smell of your hair is on the pillow. I try to sleep and it's the sharp smell of citrus and lemon and all your other stuff. I turn over in the night and want to bury my nose in the crook of your shoulder, mouth that soft skin on your neck. There's nothing but blankets and the damning scent of you. How foolish of me to think that there would be sleep after you.

How foolish of me to think that there would be life after you.

mikhale n.

it sucks a lot but the first thing people see is the color of your skin, the texture of your hair, the shape of your eyes:

filipino. tiny, black eyes. thick black and frustratingly uncooperative hair. sturdy, stocky. mestizo pale skin. revolving door of accents. tends to grow five o'clock shadows. one perpetually raised eyebrow. stick-up-the-ass posture.

this is what i am, the little mole said. i am blind and tiny but one day, i will dig a hole large enough for you to fall to your doom in.

socially incompetent. pretentious. does not know the meaning of economy of words. no direction. callcenter agent. currently 23. trying and failing to lose weight. wickedly funny. owns a collection of verbal lances. quality over quantity. thinks the world needs more art. go-with-the-flow. clothing whore. credit card abuser. plays words as if they were the instrument of beauty. is obsessed with zombie movies. helluva smart. videogame addict.

i can dance all day long. this is what amuses me. if i lose both my legs, i will dance with my hands. if i lose my hands, i will dance with my body. if i lose everything, i will dance with my soul.

reading fanfiction. cooking. trying new recipes. making new recipes. videogames. hunting new zombie movies. roleplaying. thinking of videogame concepts. struggling to learn flash. listening to classical music. making love to his laptop. writing. dear god, writing.

friending policy:

i pretty much don't care whether you friend or defriend me. everyday is defriending amnesty day. if i like your journal, i will read it. if i don't like it, i will defriend.


At the moment, I am reading and writing Jonas Brothers slash. I'd like to plead for you to not judge me but if you've found me, it pretty much means that you're the type of person who is totally imagining Joe kissing Nick.